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Explore our terms and conditions for a clear understanding of our music school's policies.


  1. South Dublin Music (SDM) academic year totals 26 weeks with an optional 6-week summer programme.

  2. Payment for classes is made in advance.

  3. Payments made for classes are nontransferable.

  4. Applications should be submitted on an official application form online.

  5. Attendance registers are maintained by teaching staff. Classes missed by students are forfeited but if sufficient notice is provided classes may be re-arranged depending on the tutor’s availability.

  6. Classes missed by tutors owing to ill health, inclement weather, unforeseen circumstances, etc may be covered by a substitute teacher or rearranged to a suitable time depending on circumstance.

  7. Official school notification will be relayed by text and email. Parents are requested to provide up to date contact information.

  8. Parents or guardians should ensure that an appropriate drop off and collection arrangement is in place in the interest of health and safety.

  9. Classes are scheduled subject to a minimum enrolment. SDM reserves the right to adjust class times in accordance with the minimum enrolment policy.

  10. External music examinations are encouraged but not obligatory.

  11. Student progress reports remitted at the end of each academic year.

  12. Enrolment and attendance for Group based musicianship/theory class is obligatory for all non-adult students taking instrumental instruction.

  13. Entrance for external examinations can only be done with the consent of the tutor. Examinations require additional costs independent of South Dublin administrative functions. Repertoire books containing study pieces to be learned for the exam will generally need to be purchased AND there is an entry fee set by each examination board. In addition, some instruments such as Violin, Cello, Flute may require accompaniment and there may be an additional cost to cover the cost of providing accompaniment to the examination appointment.

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