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Delve into musical history and genres with our engaging music appreciation classes



Music Appreciation classes at South Dublin Music are provided in group format and geared towards adult participation.  Over a term of 10 weeks, participants on the music appreciation course are provided with an introduction to musical appreciation through a whistle stop tour of classical music history accompanied by the most important compositions.  Stylistic developments and advancements in musical direction are charted in relation to social history and social change.


Our music appreciation classes, courses and workshops do not explore music theory or explain musical concepts, rather, they provide great listening pointers to the musical enthusiast who would like to know more about why certain musical pieces of music have become so important in the development of western classical music.


Joining our music appreciation class is a great way to share time with other like-minded music lovers as group participation allows for new friendships to emerge.

Image by Kari Shea


New applicants or enquiries are advised to complete the enquiry form.

The Apply Now/Enquiry form will provide the administration with your contact details, instrumental preference and date of birth. This will allow us to provide you with our list of current vacancies.

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