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Unlock the beauty of piano with our expert piano lessons



Welcome to SouthDublinMusic school piano lessons, where your child's musical journey begins with the enchanting notes of the piano. Our dedicated piano teachers understand the unique learning needs of each student, crafting personalized piano lessons that foster a deep love for music and nurture budding talents. Our approach to piano classes goes beyond technical skills – we're here to ignite a lifelong appreciation for the piano. Students have the wonderful opportunity to showcase their progress during our captivating school concerts, which take place a number of times during the year, either as soloists or in harmonious ensembles, boosting their confidence and stage presence.

We provide beginner, intermediate and advance piano lessons and classes.

For those aspiring to pursue a more structured path and piano exams, we offer guidance for prestigious external examinations like the Associated Board, Trinity College, and the Royal Irish Academy. Join our music family, where learning to play the piano becomes a gateway to creativity, expression, and achievement.


Piano Lessons at South Dublin Music School are available Monday through to Saturday each week.

Classes are generally 30 minutes in duration however more advanced students may elect to take classes of 45 minute or 60 duration depending on the level. 


New applicants or enquiries are advised to complete the enquiry form.

The Apply Now/Enquiry form will provide the administration with your contact details, instrumental preference and date of birth. This will allow us to provide you with our list of current vacancies.

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