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Curious Minds Want to Know: Exploring the Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions


You can find the answers to most commonly asked questions below

  • Where is South Dublin Music school Located?
    Most of our classes take place at the Sports Centre at Firhouse Community College which is located on the Firhouse Road just before the Oldbawn Shopping Centre junction if traveling away from the M50. For location map click here.
  • At what age do students start instrumental lessons?
    Most of our students commence instrumental lessons at 7 years of age but we encourage young children of any age who express an interest in learning to play an instrument to start. We believe a good foundation to starting lessons is the pre-instrumental programme which is a group singing based class for 4-5 and 5-6 year old children. This class covers many of the fundamental aspects of music making such as rhythm and pulse competence, melodic contour and pitch recognition, phrasing and melody structure in an unconscious manner. Songs chosen are child centered with vocal ranges suitable for the age group.
  • Do you need an instrument to start lessons?
    Yes. For the first couple of lessons, the young student can attend classes and take instruction without an instrument but beyond the beginning phase progress will not be made without home practice on an accessible instrument.
  • Is home practice required?
    If you intend on making progress and getting the most out of lessons, home practice is required.
  • Are music examinations compulsory?
    No. This is a subject that is best planned between the student, the tutor, and the parent or whoever supports the practice and attendance routine. Examinations do require an element of planning and can be a superb way of receiving independent feedback (from an examiner). In many cases, students may be strongly encouraged to take an appropriate examination BUT they are not compulsory. NB. It is important to note that there is a separate entrance fee payable to the examination body and specific repertoire generally needed to be purchased in book form prior to preparation.
  • Do parents have to be musicians for children to start lessons?)
    Absolutely not, but it is very important that parents or caregivers provide support by ensuring that lessons are attended, home practice is regular and positive encouragement is to the fore.
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