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Unleash your inner guitarist with our expertly crafted guitar lessons



Welcome to the world of guitar melodies, where our dedicated guitar teachers nurture musical passions and technical excellence. Our personalized guitar lessons cater to each student's unique learning style, ensuring a holistic development of their musical abilities. Beyond skill-building, we instill a lifelong love for music in every student. Our vibrant school concerts, which we schedule a number of times during the year, offer a stage for students to perform solo or harmonize with fellow musicians, boosting their confidence and poise.

We provide beginner, intermediate and advance guitar lessons and classes.

Image by Annie Spratt

Should you wish to pursue formal assessments and guitar exams, we provide comprehensive guidance for external examinations such as the Associated Board, Trinity College, and the Royal Irish Academy. Join us in fostering a deep connection learning to play the guitar and creating music that resonates.


Guitar Lessons at South Dublin Music School are available MondayTuesday and Wednesday.

Classes are generally 30 minutes in duration however more advanced students may elect to take classes of 45 minute or 60 duration depending on the level. 


New applicants or enquiries are advised to complete the enquiry form.

The Apply Now/Enquiry form will provide the administration with your contact details, instrumental preference and date of birth. This will allow us to provide you with our list of current vacancies.

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