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Unlock the secrets of music through our theory classes



Music theory and musicianship classes take part in group format. They are an important and necessary accompaniment to learning an instrument as they provide explanation to students, at whatever instrumental playing ability, about new and advanced musical concepts necessary to progress on your instrumental studies.

The structure that lies behind musical compositions is unpacked and explained in our grade 1 to 8 music theory classes in Dublin, ensuring learners gain a solid understanding of:

  • Key Signatures

  • Rhythmic variations and descriptions

  • Note Names

  • Listening and repeating skills

  • Pitch recognition

  • Melodic and rhythmic dictation

  • Musical terminology

Music Sheets

Our music theory classes are also a wonderful way for students to establish a social circle in music as participation leads to friendships.


New applicants or enquiries are advised to complete the enquiry form.

The Apply Now/Enquiry form will provide the administration with your contact details, instrumental preference and date of birth. This will allow us to provide you with our list of current vacancies.

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