Much of the learning content at SDM occurs in group format and has the benefit of ensuring important aspects of music learning are prioritized such as ensemble awareness, listening skills, and group dynamics. Socialisation and shared identity with peer to peer collaboration work is an added benefit of learning in group format. Individual lessons, either occasionally, or planned at regular intervals are highly recommended so that points of technique or detail can be highlighted and improved upon. 
Currently, the school offers group and individual tuition in Guitar, Violin, Piano and Flute/Recorder while song based Pre-Instrumental music designed to provide a strong platform for instrumental studies is solely group based. Voice, Violoncello, Bass Guitar and other instrumentation is available upon need and request. 
Annual Assessment
In consultation with teachers, external music examination preparation may form part of an annual target of achievement and direction. Examinations are not compulsory and may not be suitable for every music student.